How to Replace Yellowed Nose Pads on your Glasses

How to Replace Yellowed Nose Pads on your Glasses

Many people who routinely wear glasses will be able to relate to the experience of taking them off only to notice that the nose pads have become more… well, yellow.

Yellowing of these pads can occur over time as the pads are affected by sweat on the nose skin that they rest on and we know you’re unlikely to be delighted in this colour change.

Here is a guide on what to do should your spectacle nose pads undergo this transformation.

We have good news and bad news…

Sadly, though you may initially consider it, cleaning these pads isn’t an option for removing that unsightly yellow. Once the yellow appears, it is permanent. However, you should be heartened that replacement nose pads are not pricey – and, provided that you are careful and know what you are doing, removing the existing pads before putting the new ones tightly into place on your spectacles isn’t overly difficult. SelectSpecs stocks a variety of inexpensive nose pads.

Step-by-step, the replacement procedure

We recommend that, before carrying out this procedure, you lay down a light-coloured towel on whatever surface you will work on. Placing all of the various pieces and equipment on this towel should help ensure that they do not get lost, as they should be easy to spot on the light surface and hard to accidentally slide away on the rough texture.

Now, in order to remove the yellowed nose pads, you will need a screwdriver for taking out the screws. If you do not have a screwdriver with a head of suitable size and shape, keep in mind that SelectSpecs stocks, among other glasses tools, several screwdrivers, including different screwdriver heads. Carefully peruse these screwdriver products and ask us for advice should you require it.

4 Piece Screwdriver - Anodised

Once those nasty yellowed pads are off, look at where the frames are meant to attach to the pads. Is there any residue there? If so, get rid of it all by dabbing and wiping the area with a bit of tissue dipped in alcohol. With that job done, put the new nose pads into position and then carefully tighten them there using the screwdriver.

We emphasise the word ‘carefully’ – you can easily damage the pads. To help avert this, if you struggle to tighten one of the screws at any point, don’t just force it – instead, completely remove the screw before putting it back in and using the screwdriver again.

A simple process, a great result

Closely follow these instructions, and you should end up with glasses that look both familiar and unfamiliar – in other words, like the glasses that you remember routinely putting on and taking off for a while, except that they look like you have only just bought them from SelectSpecs!

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  1. It is interesting to see that you can change the yellowing nose pad rests on your glasses. Learning unfortunately that these cannot be cleaned I am grateful for the step by step procedure given on how to remove the nose pads. This really has helped me with taking care of my glasses better.

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