Why Wooden or Bamboo Glasses are Great for Green Living

Why Wooden & Bamboo Glasses are Great for Green Living

Maybe you are an out-and-proud environmentalist, living in the countryside, or routinely recycles your rubbish without fail.  You could even boast membership of Greenpeace and regularly vote for the Green Party; whatever the reasons you consider yourself as an eco warrior, you could find glasses made from wood or bamboo are right down your street… (or concrete-free path in the forest.)

The green lifestyle has many attractions

As part of your green lifestyle, you might spend a lot of time growing new plants and trees. Through doing this, you would get to spend plenty of time around nature, a pastime which can relax and refresh you. Indeed, there’s a real romantic quality to the countryside – just think about the beautiful scenery of rural Cornwall heavily featured in the BBC drama series Poldark earlier this year.

Or for anyone who still remains unconvinced of the countryside’s appeal, this video effectively sells one of Britain’s most loved rural areas, the North York Moors.

Wonderfully eco-friendly spectacles

So it’s no surprise glasses made from wood or bamboo can appeal to all you green types because they are made from natural, renewable material and so do not adversely affect the planet, as much as traditional metal spectacles. Bamboo is highly sustainable as it regenerates quickly and is not killed when harvested. Also, wooden glasses are, when they are damaged beyond repair or simply no longer needed, easier to dispose of in an environmentally-friendly way, as discarded wood can decompose.

Another good reason to consider glasses like these is that the ones available from SelectSpecs, including those pictured below, look great. In fact, we have written an article about the style benefits of these glasses SelectSpecs online Fashion and Lifestyle magazine.

Superdry Hope Prescription Glasses

Stellar 7083O VITRA 2 - Wood Sides

As they have become popular only relatively recently, wooden or bamboo glasses can be expensive. However, as SelectSpecs operates mainly online, we have less overheads to pay for than a major chain of high street spectacle stores and so can offer such eyewear at appealing prices.

The green light to more green living

Learning how to live in an eco-friendly way can be like learning how to effectively play chess, in the sense that over time you can inadvertently come across more and more ways of doing it better. We hope that our wooden and bamboo glasses can help you to enhance your green credentials further while meeting all of your practical needs in eyewear.

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