Of course, looking good while out and about is bound to be high on your priority list this summer – and our Fashion & Lifestyle magazine has loads of ideas for super-stylish eyewear you could impress passers-by with. However, glasses without the necessary functions for your needs can all-too-easily impair your summer fun, no matter how good they look. Here are some pointers for practical concerns you should keep in mind when choosing what eyewear to buy for this bright and warm time of year.

We would first recommend that you think carefully about what exactly you want to do this summer. You don’t want to jump into a seemingly fun activity only to find that your eyewear could, at best, be inappropriate or, at worst, lead to you suffering from injury.

Get out… and get active!

If you are up for some sport or similar physical activity, you should make sure that your glasses of choice can keep you thoroughly protected and comfortable during such activity and includes anti-glare coatings – to help maintain the clarity of your vision – and anti-scratch coatings, to help keep the glasses looking good. You don’t want to spend money on glasses only to find that they look beaten up even after just a few uses.

We have dedicated an entire section of our website to our stock of sunglasses especially created for use in cycling and other sports. We offer no shortage of sunglasses that can keep dirt, insects and other debris from getting into your eyes. Meanwhile, if there’s an outdoor swimming pool or body of natural water that you are eager to take a dip in, consider that you can buy prescription goggles from SelectSpecs, including those pictured below, to ensure that your vision in the water can be as good as anyone else’s. We have even written a whole separate article about these goggles.

Tips for Choosing the Right Glasses for Enjoying Summer

Jackie Ohh-so-relaxing

On the other hand, you might be anticipating far more sedate times – think relaxing by the pool while reading a book. If you are intending to do this in particular, you should seek sunglasses with wide lenses, as wearing these during the task can both prevent the sun’s reflection on the white pages from blinding you and make it easier for you to move around – for example, to pick up that gorgeous cocktail to take a sip from – without having to take off or put on the shades.

You might as well look cool at the same time, so you could invest in Jackie O style sunglasses – so-called as they were originally made popular by Jackie Kennedy, the glamourous First Lady of the United States in the early 1960s. Such eyewear available from SelectSpecs includes these pictured Ray-Ban sunnies. This particular eyewear is from the brand’s Jackie Ohh range, released in tribute to Jackie Kennedy herself.

Tips for Choosing the Right Glasses for Enjoying Summer

We haven’t exactly covered everything…

Of course, in this article, we haven’t directly addressed the full range of activities that you can enjoy during summer months. However, whether you anticipate that your summer will be energetic or relaxing, you should now have a better idea of what glasses to go for. You could even ask us at SelectSpecs for advice concerning which of our stocked eyewear would be most suitable for you. You can get in touch through our website or chat to us in person at the SelectSpecs store in East Kent.

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