Glasses or Contacts: Pros and Cons

When contact lenses hit the market they were all the rage. Nobody would get caught dead wearing glasses, or at least, that’s how it felt.

It’s funny how things change. It seems glasses have come full circle again and are now just as, if not more, popular than contacts lenses. It helps that there’s more choice now then in the past. It also helps that glasses have become more fashion friendly.

Both have advantages and disadvantages. Read below to see whether your a glasses kind of person, a contacts kind of person or perhaps both. Who said you couldn’t have the best of both worlds?

Eye Glasses Pros and Cons

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  • Glasses are a like a shield that helps you see better. As a shield they protect your eyes better than contacts do too.
  • Glasses prevent you from touching your eyes, where if your contacts fall out of place touching your eyes will be required.
  • If you have sensitive eyes that tend to dry easily, glasses won’t further discomfort like contacts can.
  • Glasses are cheaper than contacts and last longer.
  • Your eyes won’t hurt if you fall asleep with them on.


  • Lenses tend to fog sometimes. It can be annoying having to constantly de-fog your glasses.
  • Frames can sometimes be uncomfortable. Frames that sit too tight or too loose on your face can be irritable to deal with.
  • Some people have problems with how glasses make them look aesthetically – see which glasses suit your face shape here.

Contact Lenses Pros and Cons



  • Contacts don’t really get affected by weather conditions like glasses do.
  • Contacts come in a ton of different color variations. They are more aesthetically pleasing than glasses to most people.
  • They don’t obstruct your vision if you’re doing something physically demanding.
  • They sit right on your eye, giving you a better field of corrected vision than glasses do.


  • They don’t last as long as glasses.
  • You have to take them off and soak them in solution over night, so don’t forget about cleaning them; otherwise, you can infect your eye.
  • If you fall asleep with contacts on, you’ll wake up with super irritated, dry and red eyes the next morning.
  • They tend to make your eyes dry.

From the above list, you can suffice to choose which is the best for you. I hear, however, if you put both on at the same time, it gives you x-ray vision.

If you’re new to contact lenses we have guides to you put them on and remove here.  You can find all the latest styles of glasses here, or contacts here – let us know what you prefer wearing, glasses or lenses, and your reasons why.

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3 thoughts on “Glasses or Contacts: Pros and Cons

  1. I have been looking at different options for eyewear. I really like the idea of just getting glasses because they will protect my eyes better. However, I just might have to get both. Do you know how many times you can reuse contacts?

  2. I have always liked glasses better than contacts. Mostly because I have sensitive eyes and contacts always irritate my eyes. However, I will admit that those times when my contacts didn’t bother my eyes I liked them much more than glasses. The only problem with them is that even if you have contacts you will still need to have a good pair of glasses for when you have to take the contacts out. So, I figured, why bother with them. I have glasses and they work well without bothering my eyes.

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