Cats playing the piano on the web is just so last year. How about funky sunglasses for dogs? Now we’re talking!

We all love our pets and many of us can’t get enough of pampering our beloved pooches. But for one company in the US, they have now taken their passion for dogs that one step further.

Introducing protective sunglasses for Fido or that special little Buster. These doggie goggles, or doggles, were the inspiration of a company from Wyoming. Their main benefits include protecting dogs eyes from a host of weather elements such as UV rays and dust.

Say goodbye to your doggie collars and puppy friendly baskets for good with this brand new product. It is believed these particular goggles offer the maximum protection thanks to its special polycarbonate lenses. On top of this, the specs have a frame which is made entirely out of soft foam offering plenty of comfort to your canine.

The brains behind this dog friendly product are Aiden Doane and Jesse Emilio of Rex Specs. The American couple were motivated by their outdoor activities with their German Shepherd and Husky dogs. After hiking with their pooches, they began to suffer from serious eye conditions.

As a result they were simply dog tired of doing nothing and were unable to find a suitable protective item. They decided to create this unique piece of eyewear after their beloved dogs contracted what is known as Pannus.

This debilitating eye condition is quite common and is caused by too much exposure to ultra violet rays. Meanwhile, their Husky was also in need of remedying after chronic sunburn. However, if you just want a pair of good old fashioned ski goggles, SelectSpecs have just launched a new line for us humans here.

As far as Rex Specs are concerned, their current model focuses mainly on bigger dogs who have differing weights. Although their emphasis is on breeds weighing up to as much as 45kg, they are looking into launching a similar product. This in turn will be more suited to those smaller dogs. And they call it puppy love.

These futuristic specs which transforms your dog into one of the Terminator’s sidekicks has a 360 degree view. Furthermore, the firm straps enables dogs to enjoy complete sight with many taking up Rex Specs already. The growing success of their goggles has seen the US military forces utilise them for their hounds.

Although smaller canines are said to be shaking the sunglasses off, it is believed that with training, they will soon adjust to the eye protection. So if you want to pick up a pair, Rex Specs are priced around $80, or a little over £50. There is certainly no bone of contention when it comes to these set of specs.

I wonder where Rex Specs got their inspiration from?  Perhaps they caught sight of our spiffing blog post on doggie specs from April Fools Day last year, check it out here.

As former President of the United States, George W. Bush once proclaimed; “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

By james