New Oakley Crosslink Eyewear: Trendy or Smart – It’s up to You (as Worn by Rory McIlroy & Kevin Pearce)

Rory McIlroy wearing Oakley Crosslink Glasses from SelectSpecs

Recent new additions to Oakley Prescription Glasses include some very interesting ideas from the top eyewear brand. One of our favourites are these super cool Oakley Crosslink glasses as worn by World Number 1 Golfer Rory McIlroy in Oakley’s publicity images such as the one above.

Rory is not the only sports star that has taken a liking to this new model by Oakley…

Snowboarder Kevin Pearce Wearing Oakley Crosslink

Snowboarder Kevin Pearce Wearing Oakley Crosslink Eyewear - Available from SelectSpecs

Winter Sports star and former Olympic medalist Kevin Pearce loves how this new Oakley frame can be easily modified to match his mood thanks to it’s unique design.

Oakley Crosslink Eyewear

The new Crosslink is the first optical frame by Oakley to fit into the Active category, which features an innovative blend of performance and comfort, designed to perform in any situation.

The main feature of the Oakley Crosslink is the frame’s ability to easily crossover from a working frame suitable for the office with it’s more subdued colours to a playful, coloured design for every day life, thanks to the easily changeable sides included with every frame. If sport and fitness is part of your busy working week, this frame is perfect for you.

The great styling of this frame with it’s sporty edge means the frame is more than just a standard optical frame. It is just as suitable as a sunglass frame if you want to add tinted lenses into the mix.  Or why not go for the Photochromic option and have the best of both worlds, allowing the glasses to darken as you go out into the sun.

The Crosslink includes Oakley’s innovative Unobtainium sides and nose pads that increases grip as you become more active giving you a secure fit at all times.

Frame Details:

  • Constructed of light weight, durable O Matter material
  • Rugged O Matter temples
  • Adjustable temple with wire core
  • Second set of temples included
  • Compatible with Sun leash
  • Unobtainium nosepads and ear socks
  • Collection specific case included

Oakley Crosslink Video by

Check out our video below, where we show just how quickly and easily you can change the sides of the Oakley Crosslink.

Other Oakley Crosslink Colours Available

This great pair of prescription glasses from Oakley is available from SelectSpecs in a number of various colour options including the following.

This Satin Black option with Sky Blue sides (OO802701) is my personal favourite.

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2 thoughts on “New Oakley Crosslink Eyewear: Trendy or Smart – It’s up to You (as Worn by Rory McIlroy & Kevin Pearce)

  1. Traditionally I have not been the biggest fan of sport sunglasses in the past. They all look like the same glasses beach volleyball players used to wear in the 1980s! Saying that, I think these glasses are really nice looking! I love the design, very sexy, and they aren't as loud and obnoxious looking as most "sports" glasses tend to be. Good job Oakley, its about time!

  2. I actually bought a pair of Crosslink, only to have it disappoint me utterly! Admittedly, I like the design, material and concept of changeable temples. But after only a day of use, one side of the screw came off! It happened while I was swapping temples!
    When called, I was advised by Oakley to send them for a one-to-one exchange. So much for durability. And mind you, I was careful and I knew the right way to insert these temples 🙁

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