Rihanna’s Sunglasses – Cool…. or Just Plain Ridiculous?!

Rihanna - Barracuda by A-Morir

Personally, I’m a fan of sunglasses that look great and have great function, you know the ones, the type that sit on your face in front of your eyes and block out as much sunlight and UV as possible while looking great.  So when I scoured the internet looking at eye wear the celebrities are currently wearing I literally spat my morning tea over my monitor with laughter when I saw the ridiculous sunglasses (although they are not actually sunglasses?!?) Rihanna is currently sporting.  I don’t know, perhaps her reasoning for wearing the Barracuda by A-Morir / Kevin Rose is to cover up more facial damage caused by ex-boyfriend Chris Brown…

Now if you think you have seen these before you may well be right, the Barracuda eye wear was recently featured in the music video “Run This Town” by Jay-Z feat. Rihanna, check out the video here:

Video removed.

If you want to look as ridiculous as Rihanna, have absolutely no taste whatsoever in eye wear, or have a spare $350 weighing you down (which could get you a rather nice pair of quality and cool looking Ray-ban Aviators – and a large amount of change!) the Barracuda by A-Morir / Kevin Rose are available from A-Morir and are described as “not see through but you can see through them. they’re completely covered in hand-painted and hand-distressed pyramid studs, they’re the shit“.

A-Morir have also produced another two pairs of equally in-practical and ridiculous sunglasses, Sioux Lace and Sabotage.  Place your orders folks as they are bound to be as popular (for some reason that is beyond my comprehension) as the shutter shades made famous by Kanye West a few years ago…

A-morir Sabotage Sioux Lace Sunglasses

2 thoughts on “Rihanna’s Sunglasses – Cool…. or Just Plain Ridiculous?!

  1. Jeez, what a load of nonsense. If it catches on like those stupid Kanye ones did we’ll be having teenagers bumping into each other all over the place. Actually that might be quite funny…

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