Overcoming The Challenge Of Wearing Glasses At The Gym

If you are anything like me, bespectacled I mean, then you will have had that awful situation when you go to the gym.

Keep your glasses on and risk them either steaming up as you sweat, or spend half your time pushing them back up the bridge of your nose when the sweat causes them to constantly slide off your face.

Even worse, you can take them off and leave them in your locker, although then you run the real risk of either falling over equipment, setting the treadmill a lot faster than you can actually run.

Or inadvertently stare at someone across the gym, causing them to either give you dirty looks or assume you are coming onto them.

Whilst the most radical solution to this problem is simply not to go to the gym, this is not really a practical solution.

So, I thought it would be good to investigate what the different options are for eyewear.

Find out what styles of eyewear are better designed for sports or working out at the gym below.


If you are not in the market for a new pair of glasses specifically designed for sports or activity, then a headband may be the next best alternative.

The best and easiest method is to get yourself an elastic sweatband for your forehead which you can place over your hairline.

By placing the headband over your hairline and ears, the headband will help you keep your glasses in place behind your ears so they will not slide off your face.

Secondly, the sweatband will help to absorb all the moisture from your forehead whilst you work out.

Contact Lenses

Whilst the idea of touching your eyeball may put you off the idea (I know it does for me), contact lenses are a great solution for avoiding glasses related gym difficulties.

With lenses in you can avoid any embarrassing instances that come from navigating around a gym with out the aid of glasses.

SelectSpecs offer a number of different contact lens options such as coloured lenses, extended wear lenses, lenses to correct an astigmatism caused by an irregular curvature of the cornea, and multi-focal lenses.

Alongside these different types of lenses, SelectSpecs offers daily, weekly and monthly lenses, so you can choose the type of lens for your gym and workout needs.

Workout Glasses

If you are looking for a glasses option which doesn’t require contact lenses, but you want to invest in a new pair of glasses which allow you to both workout in them as well as look smart and presentable for work, then the Oakley OX8037 Crossover glasses may be the perfect solution for you.

These glasses come with two interchangeable pairs of arms which allow for customization as well as a better fit for sports and activity.

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Oakley use a material which  they call ‘unobtanium’ which is used as the coating for the arms of the glasses.

Oakley claim that the material is designed to stay in place against the skin behind the ears even through sweating and hard activity.

The interchangeable arms, of which you get two pairs when you purchase them from the SelectSpecs website, mean that you can use the plainer pair when at work and then simply change over to the brighter coloured pair for when you are going to the gym or about to do other sports.

Because of this, these glasses are the perfect purchase for your sports and gym needs.

So now you have a better idea of what to do for your eyesight when you are going to the gym you will be able to look totally cool while you work out as well as not worry about losing your glasses whilst you do it!

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