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FREE Standard Tints

Use code 'FREETINT' at basket.


TERMS: Free Standard Tints

1). Valid on 1.5 standard single vision lenses.

2). Applies to standard and graduated tints.

3). Not valid on thinner lenses, varifocal or bifocal lenses. Other sun lenses are available at our normal prices.

4). Expires 29th May 2018, 23:59 BST.

How Prescription Glasses are Made

Have you ever wondered what goes into making your prescription glasses? Check out the video below to find out.

Video Transcript

Frame Inspection

Check the frame is in good condition and matches the job sheet description.

Remove lenses ready for glazing.

Tracing the Frame

The computer scans the frame to measure the exact dimensions required for the new lenses.

Preparing the Lenses

The lenses in your glasses actually start from solid pieces like the one on the left.

They (lenses) need to be cut & polished down to the correct thickness to give the required power like the one on the right.

This machine cuts down the lens to the required thickness to give the correct power.

These tools all have a unique curvature and are used to polish the newly cut lens.

Polishing the lenses.

The lens can now be cut to fit the frame.

If patients select tinted prescription lenses they are dipped in these lens baths.

The longer they are dipped, the darker the tint.

Cutting the Lenses

Jobs are scanned at each stage of the process.

This machine looks at the lens and works out how it will be cut into shape based on the axis of the prescription.

The lens is blocked ready for glazing.

Lens cutting and edging.

The lens is cut and edged from the measurements of the traced frame.

The block is removed from the lens.

Assembling the Frame and Lenses

Skilled workers assemble the frame and lenses by hand.

The frame is heated slightly and the lenses edged by hand for a snug fit.

The prescription is carefully checked to ensure it matches the patients requirements.

Quality control and final checks of both the frame & lenses.

And the job is complete!