Struggles Glasses Wearers can all relate to

18 Struggles That All Glasses Wearers Can Relate To

The struggle is real guys, and we know it. I have a love-hate relationship with my glasses. Like most people, I like the fact that I can, y’know, see things. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t the most annoying restrictive things anyone can wear. Check out my 18 most traumatising struggles – I bet you can relate.

1. Putting on eye make-up 

MakeUp Glasses

Let’s face it. Once you take your glasses off, you’re essentially blind, and armed with an eyeliner pencil. It’s a disaster waiting to happen. Whoever thought that was a good idea?  When you get it right though, glasses wearers can gain the upper hand; here’s a few tips when combining make up and glasses.

2. Wearing 3D glasses 

3D Movie

Going to a 3D movie in the cinema is no laughing matter – seriously, you look like some sort of astronaut. And don’t even get me started on those scientific glasses you used to have to wear in school. Happy memories, eh?  If you’re willing to really splash the cash at the movies though, we’ve got some 3D sunglasses to save you less hassle to avoid the awkward doubling up on glasses situation.

3. Sunglasses 


While we’re on the subject of other glasses, let’s chat a little about sunglasses. To the rest of the world, they’re a fun summer accessory, and often a necessity when the good weather comes around. But when it comes to pondering over iridescent aviators or heart shaped sunnies in Primark, things ain’t so easy for you. But don’t fear, step this way and take your pick from the prescription range – we have the largest eyewear collection online!  (Take that Primark.)

4. Coming in the from the cold

foggy glasses

Dramatic changes in temperature are not your friend when it comes to a pair of specs. Coming in from the cold? Sitting by the fire? Drinking a piping hot cup of coffee? Prepare for steamy windows. You can’t see a thing, and you look like a bit of a nerd #firstworldproblems.

5. Rain

Glasses rain

While we’re complaining, rain is a bit of a bummer too. Can we get a set of windscreen wipers that won’t make us look nerdy? No? Just a thought…

6. Tanning

Basically, weather is not our friend. If the sun’s shining, we get nice rings around our eyes that make us look like we’re wearing glasses, even when we’re not. Many thanks, Mother Nature.  Still, weighing up having UV protected sunglasses, against not having them and facing UV damage I know which one I’d choose.

7. Constantly needing to clean your glasses

glasses need cleaned
How much dirt can one pair of glasses accumulate in a day? Of course, you will lose your lens cloth almost immediately, so cleaning your lenses on your shirt becomes the norm.  Or be prepared – we got a pack of five different cleaning cloths for £1.99 (you could match it each day of the week with your socks.)

8. Flash photographs

That delightful reflection of the flash against your lenses is not the most attractive look. Then again, neither is red eye.

9. Kissing

Hopefully you’ve got this one down by now, but kissing a new partner with glasses is always an issue. Do you take them off? Do you hope that they don’t notice their face getting crushed? What is the protocol? SOS!

10. Going to the gym

Sweaty eyes, steamed up lenses, glasses slipping down your face constantly – these are the things us glasses-wearers do for a summer body. It makes going to the gym even worse than usual, and who would have thought that could happen?

11. Swimming pools

Cant See

For most, swimming is the easier alternative to slogging it out on a treadmill, but it’s a toss-up which one wins for you. You are literally visually impaired. It’s like playing Blind Mans Bluff – only nobody wins, especially not you – for those swimmers out there however SelectSpecs have thought about this too and we do offer prescription swimming goggles.  Yes, it’s true, welcome to the future!

12. People asking to try on your glasses
Try your glasses on

And then hearing the phrase “gosh, you’re blind”. Some even rip them off your face without asking, and no matter how many times you tell them, NOBODY understands the concept of prescription glasses.

13. Lying down

Snuggling down in front of the television should be a comfortable experience, right? Not when the leg of your glasses is protruding into your face. OW.

14. Backhanded compliments

How rude
You look so much nicer without your glasses? Oh really? Well you would look so much nicer without that lipstick, but at least you’re not stuck with it for life!  Our perfect comeback is well, actually did you know wearing glasses makes you up to 75% more sexy to the other sex, according to a street survey ahem…

15. Insults
Glasses are cool

Four Eyes, Specky, the hits just keep on coming. I’m not uptight, I’m not a librarian, and I don’t especially like documentaries. How rude.

16. The nose mark

That annoying mark that your glasses leave on your face? It NEVER goes away. And it will undoubtedly ruin your selfie.

17. Eyewear trends

How expensive is it to keep up with eyewear trends? It’s like renewing your two-year contract on the iPhone 6 three weeks before they launch the new iPhone 7. All the pain.  (But, we do have a budget range which makes things easier…)

18. Losing your glasses

Cant See Without Glasses
This is the WORST. It’s a catch 22 – you need your glasses to find your glasses. Maybe some day those little strings that they sell in bargain buckets will come back into fashion…

But hey, don’t panic…

This mere list of 18 struggles are mostly compiled of mild annoyances, in the grander scheme of things people wouldn’t wear glasses if they were that much of a hindrance, right?  In fact there’s plently of people now who wear glasses and don’t need them – what would fashion be without a good old pair of specs!

Having the largest eyewear collection online gives you the chance to choose from the budget frames, or treat yourself to a designer label.  We have literally hundreds you can choose from – browse on our website now, or follow us @SelectSpecs to see the latest frames.


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