Aviator ‘Style’ Sunglasses for the Summer Festival Season

festivalbanner Since our previous blog post “Retro/Funky Sunglasses for the Summer Festival Season“, Glastonbury 2009 has been and gone for another year, however, the festival season continues and there are plenty more excuses to get your sunnies ready for more fantastic events including V-Festival in August!  Why not try the iconic Aviator style sunglasses frame that’s just so popular right now?

Aviator ‘Style’ Sunglasses

As I’ve mentioned in a recent blog post about the WAGs from Wimbledon, the Aviator style frame is just everywhere at the moment and is not just limited to the classic Ray-ban 3025 frame, there are now countless Aviator style alternatives available from other designers including a great bold range from Carrera that I think would look pretty cool at any summer event!  While the Aviator style does look great, bear in mind that this style can be a bit more fragile than other sunglasses. So be warned, if you neglect them, they may not survive your festival experience! Check out these examples as spotted from recent events including Glastonbury 2009… Aviator style sunglasses Aviator Style Sunglasses Aviator style sunglasses Ones we think you should consider… Ray-ban 3025 Aviator The original, and still probably the best, the classic Ray-Ban Aviator 3025 Aviator Sunglasses - Carrera Vintage Some great bold Aviator ‘Style’ Sunglasses from the Carrera collection. Aviator Sunglasses from Polo Ralph Lauren Are you looking for a style that’s a little more reserved for a quieter, more relaxed summer festival?  Sunglasses from the Polo Ralph Lauren range may be just what you’re looking for. Will they suit me? Aviator style sunglasses do seem to suit most face shapes, especially long or triangular shapes. The best advice we can give you is to try on a few different style aviators and buy the correct size to suit your face. Looking to buy a pair of Aviator style Sunglasses? We are listing a unique selection of sunglasses we think will make a perfect accessory for any reveler attending one of the great summer festivals of 2009.  So if you’re heading to Glastonbury or V-Festival, why not check out our recommended choices and more at our Fashion Sunglasses for Summer Festivals area. For Funky/ Retro style sunglasses, check out our previous blog post. Find all our Aviator ‘style’ Sunglasses here.

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