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Healthy Liver = Healthy Eyes: 5 Tips to Improve Both

To heal the eyes, it’s important to look after your liver. The two are very much connected and according to TCM, (Traditional Chinese Medicine), our eyes can provide us with all the giveaway signs to understand the liver better.

From dry eyes and blurry vision being a possible indicator of liver blood deficiency or the whites of your eyes appearing yellow (Scleral Icterus) to suggest early signs of liver damage or liver disease, there are so many ways our eyes can reflect the health of our liver – and quite accurately too.

With such a strong link between these major organs, it’s important to live a healthy lifestyle with a well balanced diet. If you want to tackle symptoms such as poor vision and Myopia, floaters in the eye, dryness and irritation or even colour blindness, you should first start with your liver. Here are 5 great tips for keeping your eyes and liver healthy!

1. Cut Down on Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is the biggest cause of liver disease and liver failure. Jaundice in the eye will occur (Scleral Icterus) and this is one of the very first early warning signs that your liver is damaged; the whites of your eyes will start to yellow and this is a sign that your liver is no longer able to break down old cells, leaving high levels of Bilirubin in your blood. If you are concerned about eye health and/or liver health, alcohol should be consumed in moderation; or if possible, not at all. If you drink daily, try limiting yourself to weekends and if you are battling an addition to alcohol, it’s very important to seek help.

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2. Have a Healthy, Balanced Diet

Dr. Gillian Mckeath wasn’t lying when she told the world back in 2004, “You are what you eat”. Everything starts from within and what we put into our bodies will affect how our organs function. A healthy and balanced diet means that fad diets should be avoided otherwise you could be starving your body of some key nutrients – and the same sort of idea applies for fussy eaters so encourage your kids to try everything. It’s important to have a varied diet which includes a rainbow of fruit and veg, lean meat, fish and omega 3 rich foods, natural fats and oils, a small amount of bread / rice / potatoes and other starchy foods, and small amounts of dairy products. Please note: everyone’s diet plans will vary and some people will cut out dairy for healthier alternatives and others might opt for whole grains over highly processed grains but the general rule is to be as balanced as possible.

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3. Think Like a Nutritionist

The best approach to health and medicine is to implement prevention. It’s important to keep the whole family eating healthily but if you’re looking for that extra boost and added peace of mind, there are many ways of healing and protecting through the power of food. For instance, we recently shared a post about the Top 4 Foods to Improve Eye Health (which includes carrots for beta-carotene, oily fish for Omega-3, kale for antioxidants and brazil nuts for selenium). For a healthy liver, there are things such as turmeric powder (which can be added to stews, curries, pies, grilled meats, broths, sauces and gravies), lemons and limes or other citrus fruits, garlic (which can be used in just about every savoury dish), green tea (which can replace your daily coffee consumption) and leafy greens which all, in their own way, have the power to cleanse your liver. Thinking like a nutritionist will help you tailor the perfect diet plan for you and your family.

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4. Drink More Water

It seems to be the answer to everything. If you want glowing skin, drink more water. If you want to lose weight, drink more water. If you want stay hydrated overnight, drink more water. Water answers a lot of questions when it comes to the human body and if you want a healthier liver too… guessed it, drink more water! Water can help to aid digestion which reduces work for the liver, it can help to maintain a healthy body weight which will prevent fatty liver disease, it helps to remove waste from the body which stops toxins from building up in the liver and it can also thin the blood which makes it easier for your liver to filter and do its job properly.

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5. Quit Smoking and Avoid Toxins

Toxins can build up in your body and cigarettes can create a serious attack on your liver and other organs. According to studies, smoking can dramatically increase risk of liver cancer; not only that, but whilst the chemicals from the cigarettes are working away attacking your liver, they will also kill your lungs and ocular organs too. Other toxins you may want top consider cutting down on are alcohol, caffeine, wheat in excessive amounts, high sugar treats and drinks, high salt foods and processed meats, plus saturated fats.

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