Johnny Rotten Reveals Fears Over his Vision 

Talk about having ‘rotten’ luck. But for one Sex Pistol, it seems that his sight is so poor that he may even lose it long term. According to a recent interview with the Sunday Times, front man John Lydon is suffering with his eyesight.

Considered to be one of the most iconic and anarchic bands of all time, Lydon has revealed some startling truths. Not only does he find it difficult to read, he also has to wear specs when performing on stage.

This is to ensure he can see his surrounding environment and doesn’t fall off the edge, which is in contrast to his off the wall episodes in the 1970s. The 60 year old has proclaimed he may very well have to get used to being partially blind or worse; “Well, it will go, won’t it? If I couldn’t see the world around me that would be a terrific loss.”

Why is John Lydon loosing his sight?

This particular loss of sight began when Lydon was just a small child after a nasty bout of meningitis. As a result, this left the punk star in a coma for a period of six months. Having been brought up in a poor North London district, Lydon contracted this particular disease after consuming contaminated water.

After emerging from the coma, Lydon was left with several ailments including serious memory loss not to mention damage to his sight.

Although his eyes are deteriorating at a rapid rate, he has refused to do anything when it comes to solving the issue. This includes forgoing anything such as laser surgery which may help to alleviate his vision.

Lydon further revealed in the open and frank interview with the Sunday Times that his eyesight is so bad that it’s becoming exhausting;

I can’t read nothing now. It’s draining out slowly and dismally. It’s gloomy but I can enjoy depression.

It appears that the British musician’s eyesight is on the wane and is rapidly worsening despite his involvement with Pil. Known as Public Image Ltd, this is the group Lydon creates music with at present.

What other illnesses affect eyesight?

Aside from meningitis, there are also a host of other illnesses which are directly linked to eye related problems. Take for example diabetes, which can have a significant impact on your eyes.

One of the most debilitating eye conditions associated with diabetes is called diabetic retinopathy. This features the close network of blood vessels which can be found within close proximity of the retina.

Shifts in your blood sugar levels can lead to damage inside the eye, most notably affecting the lens. This usually begins at the beginning where blood vessels begin to leak and can cause blurred vision. Individuals who have either type 1 or type 2 diabetes are at risk.

In addition, you should consider factors such as macular degeneration. This is largely in part down to ageing, but beware as some people can experience specific symptoms.

This can most likely cause impaired vision, especially those who are older. However, did you know that by making just a few lifestyle changes, you too can ward off eye related illnesses?

Lifestyle changes you can make

Yet, by introducing a well balanced diet with a plenty of nutritional value, it can assist in preventing a wealth of eye related issues. We are already well aware of staying out of intense UV light.

If you decide to give up smoking, you can really benefit from protecting your eyes both in the short and long term. As far as aiding recovery is concerned, you can see the benefits in the food that you consume. This will maintain your general wellbeing not to mention your eyes.

In order to keep your peepers in tip top shape, it is advisable to eat an array of fruit and vegetables. Furthermore, you should pay extra special attention to those vibrant foods which will aid your eye health.

In particular, why not opt for dark green items like spinach which will help you obtain as many antioxidants as possible. It will even give your eyes protection as antioxidants have properties that can help protect against free radicals.

These so called agents are a key trigger in long term eye diseases. Above all, protecting the retina against oxidizing changes is massive. Let’s not forget our old friend Vitamin A which you should take.

This is absolutely essential for excellent vision and you can find this in carrots and butternut squash. Unfortunately, if you have a fatty diet with too much sugar, this may increase the likelihood of experiencing eye disease later on. Stick to being healthy and reap the rewards.

Many studies have shown that a healthy, well balanced diet rich in minerals and vitamins ensures a healthy body.

And that goes for different types of eye conditions such as cataracts and AMD or age-related macular degeneration. So, eat your greens kids and don’t forget to brush those gnashers!

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