Jason Bradbury in Mykita & Prada Red/Sport Glasses

A few of us here are avid gadget fans (we won’t admit to being geeks now, well maybe just a bit) and love to turn on the TV after a day at the office and sit down to watch Suzi Perry and Jason Bradbury on Channel Five’s The Gadget Show on a Monday night.  Aside from all the latest fantastic gadgetry we get to take a look at, we also get to see the fashion conscious Jason “God among geeks” Bradbury wear several pairs of his over sized and quite frankly ridiculous looking glasses – but some how they seem to suit Jason perfectly thanks to his energized personality!

Mykita Fletcher

Jason wears the Fletcher by Mykita from the No.2 Sunglasses range.  These frames are actually sold as Sunglasses but thanks to a Re-glazing / Lens Replacement service, Jason wears these as prescription glasses.

jason bradbury mykita fletcher

Unfortunately we don’t stock these frames, however, these are available to purchase from several stores online.  Please see the Mykita website from more details.

If you’re looking to follow Jason’s example of buying a pair of Sunglasses then replacing the lenses for clear optical lenses, please take a look at our Lens Replacement Service.

Prada Red / Sport / Linea Rossa

Jason has also been seen recently wearing another great frame, this time we think it’s the PS 05AV (colour: 4A0 101) by Prada Red / Sport / Linea Rossa.

jason bradbury prada red

These are available on our website in our Prada Red / Sport / Linea Rossa.  Imagery from Jason Bradbury’s Twitter feed.

4 thoughts on “Jason Bradbury in Mykita & Prada Red/Sport Glasses

  1. Hi, I realise this blog entry was made quite a while ago, but I was wondering if these glasses, in the white that Jason wears, will be available again? Upon looking on the website I can see that the glasses are still availble but there is no white option! I hope this is a short term thing, as i would love to buy a pair.

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