Professor Brian Cox, WTF are you doing to your Sunglasses?

Professor Brian Cox is a bit of a legend in my book, he’s got to be one of the smartest guys on television and his new TV show – Wonders of The Solar System on BBC 2 & BBC HD are compulsory viewing in my household.


Not only is Prof. Brian Cox very intelligent, but he also knows the importance of protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays and so wears these rather Large Ray-Ban RB3026 Aviator Large Metal II Sunglasses in Arista.

But wait, what’s this?


He may be incredibly intelligent, but what is he doing putting his Ray-Ban sunnies down in the sand of the Namib Desert?  And if that’s not bad enough he then puts them lenses down in the sand where they were no doubt SUBAR (scratched-up beyond all recognition).


Don’t worry Brian, we still think you’re a legend, just take better care of your glasses, although I’m sure you can afford to replace them every trip, what with working at CERN on the Large Hadron Collider and all!


You can see particle physicist Brian Cox in action on Sunday nights on BBC 2 & BBC HD (repeated on Tuesdays) or head over to the BBC iPlayer and catch up with the series so far… and you really should, its brilliant.

Chris (SelectSpecs)

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2 thoughts on “Professor Brian Cox, WTF are you doing to your Sunglasses?

  1. ummm…Rocket scientist rockstars dont need to worry about the kind of stuff us mere mortals concern ourselves with… did einstein worry about personal grooming? does hawking exfoliate?

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