Lewis Hamilton Sunglasses 2014

Lewis Hamilton’s Sunglasses – Can You ID Them?

We know our blog readers love to help other people find out what sunglasses all the latest celebrities are wearing in the latest movies or down the beach, so we’ve got a challenge for you.

Can you identify these sunglasses worn by Lewis Hamilton? He seems to be in the habit of changing his sunglasses every week lately, so if it helps, the British, Mercedes F1 driver was wearing these sunnies at the Monaco GP at the end of May 2014.


2014 Bahrain GP Sunglasses

And what about these sunglasses from the 2014 Bahrain GP?

Lewis Hamilton Sunglasses - 2014 Bahrain GP

2014 Austrian & Canadian GP Sunglasses

Or these sunglasses as worn by Hamilton more recently at the Canadian GP and at this weekend’s Austrian GP?

Lewis Hamilton 2014 Austrian GP Sunglasses

Answers on a postcard… actually, forget that… just leave a comment below

Oh and it’s just for fun 😉

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4 thoughts on “Lewis Hamilton’s Sunglasses – Can You ID Them?

  1. Hi the sunglasses lewis hamilton was wearing at the Canadian, Austrian and British Grand Prix were

    Brand: Retro Super Future
    Colour: Matte Black
    Model: Flat Top’s

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