Stanley Tucci Glasses in Transformers: Age of Extinction – Mykita Mylon PANTARA

Following on from my previous post about Titus Welliver wearing Oakley Holbrook sunglasses in Transformers: Age of Extinction, we have noticed that Stanley Tucci (that guy with the teeth from Hunger Games…), who stars as Joshua, is wearing a rather retro looking prescription frame.

Unfortunately after searching our database of products we’re unable to ID them. Take a look at the glasses worn by Stanley below.

Thanks to our readers, these have been identified as Mykita Mylon PANTARA





Unfortunately we do not stock Mykita at this time, but we feel this Antares frame is quite similar and worth checking out.


Check out the latest Transformers trailer below.

5 thoughts on “Stanley Tucci Glasses in Transformers: Age of Extinction – Mykita Mylon PANTARA

  1. hey,

    saw your post after researching myself for the eyewear u are referring to on the Transformer 4 trailer.

    I loved it trying to find my self. Will update you if i get there first.

    If at all you come to know about this. Request you to update me as well. I simply loved these glasses. and wanna buy 1 for myself.


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