The New Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses Advert…

…and a collection of other Ray-Ban videos for marketing their sunglasses.

Super Chameleon…

This video released on the 23rd March 2009 (just a few days since writing this), has already generated a lot of interest amongst the community, the video has already racked up almost 200,000 views and 600 ratings and well over 300 comments – comments ranging from “Awesome video”, and “Would make a great Ray-Ban commercial” to the oh so common “FAKE!”. The amateurish looking Super Chameleon ad features no direct Ray-Ban branding, the only giveaway is that the creators of this video have cleverly used their iconic Wayfarer sunglasses to advertise both their brand and the large collection of colourful RB2140 Wayfarer Sunglasses. Some of you may be wondering why Ray-Ban would make an advert yet fail to put their name to it, a mistake perhaps?  Not exactly, these internet only adverts are what is known in the industry as ‘Viral Marketing’, this technique uses pre-existing social networks to produce an increase in brand awareness through a self-replicating viral process – in other words viewers will watch the videos, leave comments, and share with other internet users (through emailing links to friends or posting links to the videos on blogs or social networking websites) because it’s a great or funny video without realising it’s actually an advertisement.  This type of marketing can be very successful if done correctly and the fact that Never Hide Films has managed to generate such an interest demonstrates the power of viral campaigns. This video is just one of the many internet only adverts created for the Ray-Ban marketing campaign, “Never Hide” which comprises of an innovative mix of media: from cinema to print, posters, outdoor, Internet, and “consumer generated viral content” in order to promote their brand and collection of Designer Sunglasses. Here are a  few of the previous Never Hide YouTube videos…

Cow gives birth to a dude…

This video shows a cow giving birth to a dude (wearing Wayfarers!).  This video is 2 months old, has had almost 2 million views and 5200 ratings.

Guy catches glasses with face

This is one of the first viral videos from Never Hide Films being uploaded almost 2 years ago.  This video has had over 4 million views and 16000 ratings, yet is still generating plenty of discussion today.

Bobbing for Glasses

The “Guy catches glasses with face” video generated so much discussion, Never Hide Films created a sequel following the same two guys.

Bikini Body Builder vs. Rubik’s Cube

This has to be one of the strangest titled videos but there is a reason behind the title. The title is made up from some of the most popular keywords searched for in YouTube to help drive traffic to the video.  Whilst this video doesn’t really advertise the Ray Ban products that clearly, it does serve as an experiment to see how certain keywords have an impact on traffic.

2 thoughts on “The New Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses Advert…

  1. I think the cow giving birth to a dude is just genius marketing.

    It really makes me laugh how many people feel the need to comment on the video calling it “fake”.

    No, really?

  2. I agree. Viral marketing just has that power to get people talking, many people just don’t realise they are being marketed too! I always have to laugh at the “Fake” comments! Err, hello?!?

    Not quite on topic but this is another YouTube video that is worth a watch from a Viral point of view, is this marketing a product, a new movie, a game perhaps? Or is it just a student film? Who knows, but it’s certainly generating a buzz across the internet!

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