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Fixing Scratched Lenses on your Glasses

Tips worth knowing to help removing scratches from your glasses lenses.

There are fewer things in life more annoying than the pesky distraction of a scratched lens on your glasses, especially when it's right in your eye line and distracts you from concentrating on your current task! The scratch may only be small, it may only be minor but it can cause big problems at crucial moments if it obstructs your vision. Fortunately, we have 5 must know tips to help you fix those scratches in a jiffy. Read on...


Tip #1 - Toothpaste

This is a great hack because everyone has toothpaste, so you can eliminate the problem of scratches conveniently whenever you need. Simply apply a small amount of non-abrasive toothpaste to some cotton wool and slowly buff away the scratch. Toothpaste is a quick and easy hack for minor scratches so if you have a deeper scratch, you may need to repeat this process quite a few times.

Abrasiveness is measured by RDA (Radioactive Dentin Abrasiveness) and anything below 70-80 is considered to be low. The best way to find a low abrasive toothpaste is to avoid any advanced products such as whitening or plaque removal. Some suitable toothpaste products to try include Arm & Hammer Dental Care Sensitive (48 RDA), Weleda Children’s Tooth Gel (45 RDA), Rembrandt Mint (63 RDA), Colgate 2-in-1 Fresh Mint (70 RDA), Colgate Sensitive Max Strength(83 RDA), Colgate Total (70 RDA), Colgate Regular (68 RDA), and Sensodyne (79 RDA).


Tip #2 - Baking Soda

If you’re not sure whether your toothpaste is non-abrasive, it’s best to avoid using it altogether – you don’t want to damage your glasses! The good news is that baking soda does the same trick and it’s another handy household item that you’ll easily find around the house.

If you’re not a keen baker, you don’t even have to head out to the supermarket as it can be picked up from most corner shops. And with an abrasion rating of just 7 RDA, it’s a very safe product to test on your lenses. To use baking soda on your specs, simply add water to create a paste and use a scratch-free cloth to rub into your lenses. Wash off and repeat if necessary.

Tip #3 - Metal Polish

Este práctico vídeo nos enseña a pulir las lentes de las gafas con dos productos domésticos baratos y prácticos, el abrillantador de metales y el alcohol de quemar.

Choose a low abrasive metal polish and use it to buff away at each scratch. Remember that it will take a while to polish out the product, so keep persevering! Use a cotton bud to apply rubbing alcohol after you’ve finished to give it a thorough clean.


Tip #4 - Car Cleaning Wax

Car wax is another product to try if you have scratches on your lenses and need a quick fix! The wax should be worked into your lenses and it will help to “fill out” and smooth over any marks.


Tip #5 - Glass Etching Cream

Si ninguno de los productos domésticos anteriores funciona, prueba a utilizar un producto para grabar cristales. Este producto sólo es eficaz para las lentes de plástico, que son las más comunes hoy en día en las gafas graduadas y de lectura. Las cremas grabadoras para cristales contienen un ingrediente activo, el ácido fluorhídrico, que ayuda a eliminar el revestimiento exterior del plástico y a pulir el arañazo.

Do not use this on glass lenses.

Risk Notice:

Whilst these are life saving tips for a super quick fix, we do advise that you use these products at your own risk. If in doubt, ask your optician / glasses manufacturer for advice.

¿Ninguna de las anteriores funciona?

The next best course of action is to change the lenses in your glasses, this is often cheaper than buying a whole new pair of glasses. This service is great if your frame is still new or in good condition. Find out more about this service we offer.

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Preventing Scratched Lenses

As the saying goes 'the prevention is better than the cure!'. We have 3 tips to help ensure the longevity of your eyewear:


Clean your glasses regularly

We recommend cleaning your glasses on a regular basis but you should always ensure you use the right materials to prevent scratching:

Cleaning solution. We recommend using an optical lens cleaning solution or lens wipes. Never use highly concentrated household cleaners as these can damage the coatings on the lenses.

Cleaning Cloth. Always use the cleaning cloth supplied with your glasses. Never use a paper towel, tissue or corner of your shirt as these materials can lightly scratch the lenses.

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For more information on cleaning and caring for your glasses, please see our how to page here


Take care handling your glasses

Take care when removing your glasses from their case or your face as dropping your glasses on hard surfaces can often lead to scratched lenses.



Always use a case

When your glasses are not in use, always use a case, as more often than not they can be sat on or knocked to the floor and damaged. A hard protective case that closes completely will help to ensure your glasses are kept free from scratches.

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All our lenses include a scratch resistant coating as standard, while not infallible this coating helps to keep your lens free from light scratches caused by daily wear and tear.

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