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Givenchy Occhiali

Suave, sophisticated and undeniably chic, Givenchy glasses reflect the company's reputation as an enduring leader in the French fashion industry. Their designs are evocative and iconic, and we are extremely pleased to offer our customers a superb selection of modern and vintage Givenchy glasses via our easy to negotiate website.

Whether you're looking for occasional usage or permanent, SelectSpecs give you the chance to find wonderful deals when you buy Givenchy glasses online. We are committed to giving you the finest deals on all major brands, so if you're keen to find high end fashion at a price you can afford, be sure to buy from SelectSpecs.

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Givenchy - GV 0071

Givenchy GV 0071

1 Colori Disponibili

Givenchy - GV 0131

Givenchy GV 0131

1 Colori Disponibili

Givenchy - GV 0109

Givenchy GV 0109

1 Colori Disponibili

Givenchy - GV 0139

Givenchy GV 0139

1 Colori Disponibili

Givenchy - GV 0114/G

Givenchy GV 0114/G

1 Colori Disponibili

Givenchy - GV 0144

Givenchy GV 0144

1 Colori Disponibili