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Furla Designer-Sonnenbrillen

With a heritage spanning more than 80 years, luxury Italian fashion label Furla is best known for its leather goods and captivating accessories for women. Classic elegance meets chic detailing in the brand's line of ultra feminine but understated sunglasses, with each pair carrying either the discreet Furla button logo to the temples, or full label name printed along each arm.

Expertly manufactured from materials of the highest quality for both durability and unrivalled avant-garde style, Furla sunglasses are a must for contemporary women seeking timeless, yet fashion-forward, shades.

The authenticity of our designer sunglasses is guaranteed - Select Specs is an authorised retailer of Furla eyewear.

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Furla - SFU514V

Furla SFU514V

1 Verfügbare Farben

Furla - SFU531

Furla SFU531

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Furla - SFU532

Furla SFU532

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Furla - SFU535

Furla SFU535

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Furla - SFU512

Furla SFU512

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Furla - SFU514

Furla SFU514

1 Verfügbare Farben

Furla - SFU471

Furla SFU471

1 Verfügbare Farben

Furla - SFU539

Furla SFU539

1 Verfügbare Farben

Furla - SFU401

Furla SFU401

1 Verfügbare Farben

Furla - SFU536

Furla SFU536

2 Verfügbare Farben

Furla - SFU533

Furla SFU533

1 Verfügbare Farben

Furla - SFU401V

Furla SFU401V

1 Verfügbare Farben

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